Get a low maintenance yard

We are going through an insane drought right now, this could be why your water bill has gotten so high recently. When you are in a drought the city will try to take from you what you take from them. If the city is low on water, they will charge you for more money when you use more water. If you have a yard that needs to be watered constantly, this does not help with your water bill. But what if I told you that you could knock that water bill down a peg and have a yard that requires a lot less work?

You could potentially have a brand new yard that is low maintenance and costs a lot less in water every month through the Metropolitan Water District’s Turf Replacement Program. If you apply and get accepted you can get a rebate of two dollars per square foot of your yard that is replaced with this new turf. This could get you more money than you had before by keeping your cost of turf down, cut your yard work in half, and cut your water bill down.

The catch is that if you get accepted you have to be the one that does all of the yard work to prepare for this new turf. So you will need to remove the turf that you currently have and prepare the grounds for where you want the new turf to be laid out. But all things considered, it is really not a bad deal. You are saving the planet and your bank account.

If you are curious about this project and would like to be involved and apply for yourself, you can contact the SoCal Water Smart page and get more information and to see if you qualify for the program. And even if you don’t qualify, share it with your friends who might.